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Isoprenaline induces endotheliumin-dependent relaxation and accumulation of cyclic nucleotides in the rat aorta.
Endothelium-dependent and -independent vasorelaxation by a theophylline derivative MCPT: roles of cyclic nucleotides, potassium channel opening and phosphodiesterase inhibition.
This nonspecific vasodilator agent blocks the distribution of cyclic nucleotides such as cyclic adenosine monophosphate and cyclic guanosine monophosphate and causes vasodilatation by inhibition of phosphodiesterase.
Cyclic nucleotide second messengers clearly play a role in mediating pigment translocation in crustacean chromatophores (Fingerman, 1969; Rao and Fingerman, 1983; Nery et al.
The reduced platelet antiaggregatory activity exerted by both cyclic nucleotides (11) does not necessarily lead to impaired activation of cyclic nucleotide /specific kinase/ VASP pathways.
Most cells in the body use chemicals known as cyclic nucleotides.
It was found that the biopsy specimens were very rich in what are called cyclic nucleotides.
PART III: Intracellular Signaling G Proteins Cyclic Nucleotides in the Nervous System Phosphoinositides Calcium Serine and Threonine Phosphorylation Tyrosine Phosphorylation Transcription Factors in the Central Nervous System
In addition, the increase in cellular cyclic nucleotides induced by baicalin could also contribute to its relaxation of vessels, which is important because dilation by cyclic nucleotides does not require [BK.
The regulation of spermatazoa by calcium and cyclic nucleotides.
Nonspecific bindings of cyclic nucleotides to the SPA beads were measured in reactions without PDEs.