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Sensitivity to sounds of higher or lower pitch is less and drops off gradually until a normal person cannot hear any sound at frequencies above 20,000 or below 20 cycles per second.
However, modern, electronically ballasted CFLs refresh themselves at between 10,000 and 40,000 cycles per second, rates too fast for the human eye or brain to detect.
The OLP uses the company's sheet-of-light laser triangulation sensors to acquire several thousand measurement points for each cycle, at rates up to five cycles per second.
Humans can hear sounds up to 20,000 cycles per second, but dogs can hear sounds up to 40,000 cycles per second.
The harmonic scalpel is equipped with a 10-cm dissecting hook blade that is attached to a ceramic piezoelectric connector that converts electrical energy to mechanical energy and generates a longitudinal blade motion of 55,500 cycles per second.
The clock cycle within the FPGA is 50 million cycles per second.
MHz stands for MegaHertz, or Millions of Cycles per Second, while GHz stands for GigaHertz, or Billions of Cycles per Second.
Ultrasound, which he discovered worked best at around 30,000 cycles per second, produced a series of pressure waves that hammered against the tough spore wall.
Even though the control modules each have several control cycles per second, the information can take several seconds to reach the central computer.
During intermission, the concertmaster strikes a tuning fork that emits a tone at exactly 440 cycles per second, a perfect "A.
8 inches) of total displacement, up to 5 kN (1120 lbs) maximum force, and the capability to apply up to 15 test cycles per second.
Instead, a high-speed motor spinning at 250 cycles per second generates sonic vibrational energy that causes the attachments to resonate from side to side, creating small but high-speed cleaning strokes at a rate of 31,000 per minute--up to 10 times faster than a standard electric toothbrush.
The US computer chip maker Intel Corp has introduced its fastest-yet PC microprocessor - an Intel Pentium 4 processor that operates at 2GHz, or two billion cycles per second.
NYSE:TRW), a world leader in advanced semiconductors, has developed a highly efficient microwave power amplifier chip that delivers world record levels of power per unit of semiconductor area for integrated circuits operating at more than 20 billion cycles per second (20 GHz).
Auding or the process of hearing, recognizing, and interpreting sounds or a spoken language, is systemized by the human brain as sound waves that are approximate frequencies of 15 to 20,000 cycles per second.