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Mediterranean plant widely cultivated as a houseplant for its showy dark green leaves splotched with silver and nodding white or pink to reddish flowers with reflexed petals

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Hardy bedding plants will provide most colour, so check out what's looking best in your local garden centre - polyanthus, primula, violas, Bellis or winter perennis, wallflowers and cyclamen are all suitable candidates and the more the merrier, because these plants won't grow much over winter so they need packing in tightly.
Autumn-flowering cyclamen should be planted in summer near the soil surface in well-drained soil.
Your lodgers such as cyclamen need to be kept just the dry side of moist and in compost CARE: that's free-draining.
EXPERT TIP: To put your patio in the pink, colour-match your chrysanthemums with miniature cyclamen, pernettya and calluna Anette.
You may want to throw in some alpine bulbs such as cyclamen, reticulata irises and baby crocuses.
A perfect companion shrub to primroses or cyclamens in dappled light is the winter-blooming heather, Erica canaliculata, with cultivars that produce delicate pendulous urn-shaped flowers in pink, red and purple.
Cyclamens in particular will repay careful attention by flowering for many weeks in autumn and winter.
There are a few exceptions, of course ( hardy cyclamens flower and sprout their beautiful marbled leaves, winter-blooming shrubs like mahonia and viburnum form their fragrant flower buds, while witch-hazel flowers also scent the coldest days.
Pink heathers and cyclamen make an eye-catching autumn planting scheme and quite an unusual hue from the normal burnt oranges, burgundies or yellows.