Cyclamen hederifolium

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common wild European cyclamen with pink flowers

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Given these conditions, our native wild Primrose will associate itself with many other woodland favourites, including Snowdrops (Galanthus nivalis), Winter Aconites (Eranthus hyemalis), Periwinkle (Vinca minor), Cyclamen hederifolium, Narcissi and Violas.
The autumn flowering variety, cyclamen hederifolium, started to flower at Carmarthenshire's Aberglasney Gardens almost two months ago and some trees and shrubs are already showing signs of autumnal colour - particularly the native beech.
Some top autumn flowerers are Crinum macowanii, Scilla scilloides, Cyclamen hederifolium, Amaryllis belladonna, Leucojum autumnalei, Colchicum and Nerine.
This hardy tuberous perennial is Cyclamen hederifolium, also known as Cyclamen neapolitanum, and nicknamed sowbread.
Plant close to the house in a pool of pink blooms provided by the scented autumn-flowering Cyclamen hederifolium.
To enhance the effect of the autumn display, look out for grasses that produce good flower spikes at this time of year such as miscanthus, cortaderia and stipa and for good measure, blend in one or two berrying shrubs and trees such as ilex, cotoneaster, pyracantha, euonymus, callicarpa, viburnum opulus and sorbus species and underplant with the autumn flowering cyclamen hederifolium - your autumn garden will have as much colour and interest as any brightly coloured summer garden.
In the front garden, the autumn flowering Cyclamen hederifolium are blooming both on the rockery and in the wild flower meadows along with the Colchicums.
My cyclamen hederifolium are flowering superbly along the path down the side of my plot.
Cyclamen hederifolium is the other form available at the moment and is totally hardy, and ideal for alpine gardens or underplanting trees and shrubs.
At the moment cyclamen hederifolium, one of the hardiest of our late summer-flowering outdoor cyclamen, is bursting into bloom.
It's hard to find better value than a Cyclamen hederifolium, which not only flowers throughout autumn but gives you attractive marbled leaves for up to nine months of the year.
Cover bare ground in shrub beds with cyclamen hederifolium.
For autumn, clumps of the dwarf Cyclamen hederifolium, produce blooms on erect stems, in shades of pink or white with maroon markings by the mouth and swept-back petals.
Go for the heather calluna vulgaris 'Annemarie', with pale pink buds that deepen as they open and are set off by pink-flowering cyclamen hederifolium, with its pretty marbled leaves to lighten the scheme.
As it comes to the end of the cyclamen hederifolium season the first of the cyclamen coum are coming on to the market as pot-grown plants.