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type genus of Cycadaceae: genus of widely distributed Old World evergreen tropical trees having pinnate leaves and columnar stems covered with persistent bases of old leaves

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2016), y se ha registrado en Ceratozamia mirandae y Cycas circinalis en sitios sin disturbios humanos (Perez-Farrera et al.
Africa and the adjacent Indian Ocean islands harbour a total of 67 cycad species comprising 65 Encephalartos species, Stangeria eriopus and Cycas thouarsii (Fig.
Hyatt Place London Heathrow Airport will be managed by Cycas Hospitality.
The building will continue to be branded as a Staybridge Suites hotel and will be the fifth Staybridge Suites property under Cycas management.
Cycad aulacaspis scale was found on 2 species of ornamental cycads, namely, Cycas circinalis L.
Si c'est dans les grandes villas de ceux qui ont les moyens oo il y a de l'espace, on plante le gazon devant et a l'interieur de la cour avec tout autour des palmiers cycas ou les fleurs de Jasmin [Jasminum sp.
institutional investor focused on property backed investments, has sold its stake in Liverpool's Staybridge Suites hotel to its partner, Cycas Hospitality.
The gardens and landscaped areas feature drought resistant native plants such as cactus, cycas and palms.
Outside, drought resistant native plants such as cactus, cycas and palms are grown within the gardens and landscaped areas.
Bioactivity guided chemical investigation on active anti-diabetic constituents of the fruits of Cycas pectinata Griff.
Some rare exotic and few trees of conifers and palm groups were recorded in institutions such as Cycus revoluta Cycas ciricinlis fish tail palm (Careota urans) and bottle palm (Oreodoxa regia).
Among the species recorded and identified were in genera Caesalpinia and Melia for inflorescences Alpinia Anthurium Aster Chrysanthemum and Polyanthes and Heliconia for flowers; Alpinia Cordyline Cycas Dracaena Maranta Sansevieria for the leaves and Cyperus for the stem and the leaves.