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type genus of Cycadaceae: genus of widely distributed Old World evergreen tropical trees having pinnate leaves and columnar stems covered with persistent bases of old leaves

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Although the third species of Cycas to be described, C inermis has at no
Unlike some genera, such as Cycas, polyxylic secondary growth does not
RFLPs) in the five genera of New World cycads and Cycas, which was used
these collections can be threatened by pests, such as the Cycas scale,
Cycas micronesica is a prominent species in the forest subcanopy in
Molecular xylem cell wall structure of an inclined Cycas micronesica stem, a tropical gymnosperm.
This is a hotel where you come to live temporarily, rather than simply stay for night or two, explains John Wagner, Director of Cycas Hospitality, extended stay hotel specialists who also manage Staybridge Suites in London Stratford and Liverpool.
Bioactivity guided chemical investigation on active anti-diabetic constituents of the fruits of Cycas pectinata Griff.
on Mangifera indica, 26-VI-2013; Saissetia coffeae (Walker), on Cycas sp.
L'architecture et la decoration [beaucoup moins que] Domaine de Derb [beaucoup plus grand que] proposent un choix de villas d'exception avec la Villa Cocos, la Villa Cycas, la Villa Howea, la Villa Phoenix ou encore la Villa Washingtonia.
Most species are cryptic, and specimens have been found mainly among vegetable debris, the bases of banana and Pandanus leaves, in the staminate strobilus of Cycas, in hollow trees, and in caves (Usinger 1946; Miller 1954; Wygodzinsky & Usinger 1960; Wygodzinsky & Maldonado Capriles 1972; Schuh & Slater 1995).
While Bob Qatley, Mark Richards and the crew of Wild Oats Xl were savouring their record breaking line honours win in the CYCAs Cabbage Tree Island Race, the battle for overall honours was raging.
The two hotels are owned by a joint venture between Cycas Hotel Partners and Patron Capital, and are being operated under a franchise agreement with InterContinental Hotels Group.