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Beck, Wendy 1993 'Cycad use by Australian Aboriginal people' in DW Stevenson and KJ Norstog (eds), Proceedings of C YC A D 90, the Second International Conference on Cycad Biology: The biology, structure, and systematics of the Cycadales, Palm & Cycad Societies of Australia Ltd, Milton, Qld, pp.
Chamberlain (1935, page 103) states that the ovule of the Cycadales has a single, 'massive integument' and in Fig.
The Cycadales and Bennettitales have been distinguished on the
clearly demonstrate the distant relationship between the Cycadales and
latter species is very unusual in the Cycadales, because there is an
the Cycadales, which is divided into three or four families (Johnson
An introduction to gymnosperms, cycads and the Cycadales.