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ancient palmlike plants closely related to ferns in that fertilization is by means of spermatozoids

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Sago and most other ornamental cycads belong to the largest subgroup of cycads, the family Cycadaceae, a monogeneric family consisting of ca.
Las Cycadas son un grupo de plantas pertenecientes a las gimnospermas que se cree, aparecieron durante el permico (Litz et ai, 1995), este grupo esta compuesto por las familias Cycadaceae, distribuida en Asia, Stangeriaceae en Sur Africa y Australia (Walter y Gillet, 1998) y Zamiaceae en las regiones tropicales y subtropicales de America, Africa y Australia (Jones, 1994).
Family Name (Latin and Common): Cycadaceae, the Cycas or Cycad family
Some of the species found on Pam's land are extremely rare, such as the Cycadaceae Zamia pumila, a low-growing fern-like coontie plant that serves as food for the Florida atala butterfly caterpillar (Eumaeus atala), which is a candidate for inclusion on the U.
Aulacaspis yasumatsui (Diaspididae), a native of Thailand that has become a serious pest of Cycadaceae in many countries, was first recorded from Indonesia (Java) by Muniappan et al.
APPENDIX Aboriginal plant names in north-eastern Arnhem Land Botanical family Botanical name Uses FERNS Blechnaceae Blechnum indicum food Hemianthtidaceae Platyzoma microphyllum -- Sinopteridaceae Cheilanthes tenuifolia -- CYCADS Cycadaceae Cycas armstrongii food GYMNOSPERMS Cupressaceae Callitris intratropica tools MONOCOTYLEDONS Amaryllidaceae Calostemma sp.
El orden Cycadales consta de tres familias: Cycadaceae, con el unico genero Cycas, ampliamente distribuido en S Japon, Archipielago Malayo, SE Asia, Filipinas, Indonesia, Nueva Guinea, N Australia, India, Sri Lanka, Madagascar y posiblemente la costa oriental de Africa; Stangeriaceae, con los generos Bowenia, de N.