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an assault on electronic communication networks

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25) Cyberterrorists possess the capabilities to cause major disruptions in banking, pharmaceuticals, air traffic control systems, or electronic power systems.
18) If a nation that experienced a cyberterrorist attack lacked prescriptive jurisdiction over cyberterrorist activity, that nation would be precluded under international law from subjecting the perpetrator to its judicial process.
Therefore, if a cyberterrorist attack does take place, some insurers might have precluded themselves from participating in the program.
VIRUSES, botnets and worms are just some of the malicious computer weapons used daily by cyberterrorists to steal secrets, spread false rumours or simply to cause chaos.
575) Graham suggests that responsibility for cyberterrorist attacks might be imputed to their host state when a cyberattack rises to the level of an "armed attack.
The most likely threat in my mind is a cyberterrorist attack enabled by cybercriminal capabilities," Bucci said.
html (outlining a large-scale, coordinated cyberterrorist attack).
WHEN warnings about shortfalls in national security go unheeded, cyberterrorist Thomas Gabriel (Timothy Olyphant) punishes the US government's arrogance.
He's still an impressive action hero as he fights cyberterrorist Timothy Olyphant with the help of hacker Justin Long.
This time out, John McClane is out to save America from a virulent cyberterrorist.
There is no evidence to indicate that cyberterrorist techniques have been used for serious destructive activity.
0 (15) Bruce Willis returns as John McClane to stop a cyberterrorist from shutting down America's technology.
Now completely bald but looking impressively fit and at least a decade younger than his age, Bruce is more than convincing as reluctant hero McClane who, in this latest outing, becomes embroiled in a cyberterrorist plot while facing a race against time to free his kidnapped daughter.
As chief villain, cyberterrorist Thomas Gabriel (Timothy Olyphant), puts it: "John, you're a Timex watch in a digital age.
The chief baddie then launches his masterplan - getting his cyberterrorist minions to bring the country to a standstill by destroying the transport systems, making the stock market crash and taking out sources of power.