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Synonyms for goldbricking

the evasion of work or duty

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Stealing Time at Work on the Net--Companies Cracking Down on Cyberslacking.
Cyberslacking at work continues to threaten productivity: Survey zeroes in on newest 'internet distractions.
Employees spend up to a fifth of their working day cyberslacking, studies claim.
Even a small company can lose tens of thousands of dollars in work time over the course of a year from cyberslacking.
Cyberslacking describes the activities involved in wasting time on the internet while people are supposedly at work.
The solution stops employee cyberslacking by preventing Internet access to non-business-related sites and also provides usage reports for management review.
With employees spending fewer hours at the workplace, office time spent cyberslacking may be more detrimental to business output, forcing organizations to take action.
Cyberslacking Gets a Boost as Visits to Football Related Web Sites