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the evasion of work or duty

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Jennifer Arcuri, who has worked with some of the biggest names in Tech City, says companies with a cyberloafing problem need to re-engage their staff.
Although organizations benefit from positive aspects of the Internet like improved communication, some have trouble addressing cyberloafing, Ugrin said.
Cyberloafing has been defined as "nonproductive workplace-related online behaviors that are predominantly opaque in nature" (Lim, 2012).
B y all accounts, the topic of cyberloafing has generated much research attention and remains an emerging issue across several academic disciplines (Griffiths, 2010).
If these firms could crack down effectively on cyberloafing they could increase profits by 15pc.
For additional statistics on cyberloafing at work, download the WatchGuard infographic today.
Using existing data that shows that people exhibit poorer self-control when they're tired, the researchers said that the lost sleep due to the time change - an average of 40 minutes that Sunday night makes employees less likely to self-regulate their behaviour and more inclined to spend time cyberloafing, or surfing the Internet for personal pursuits while on the clock.
4 minutes more of cyberloafing (or 20 percent of the assigned task time) for every hour of interrupted sleep the night before.
If you are anything like Kipp, we feel quite certain you will appreciate the findings of one particular study titled "Impact of Cyberloafing on Psychological Engagement" by Don J.
Forms of this misuse behavior are often referred to as either cyberslacking or cyberloafing.
Early studies of cyberslacking and cyberloafing assumed that employee behavior was entirely negative and needed to be eliminated through some means.
Although employees have long found ways of shirking such as personal phone calls or trips to the water cooler, cyberloafing enables employees to avoid work duties using modern technology.
cyberloafing accounts for 30 percent to 40 percent of lost worker productivity today.
Based on the definition supplied by Techopedia, Cyberloafing is a term used to describe the actions of employees who use their Internet access at work for personal use while pretending to do legitimate work.
The study called 'Impact of Cyberloafing on Psychological Engagement' was presented at the annual meeting of the Academy of Management in San Antonio, Texas.