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an assault on electronic communication networks

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The agreement was announced in Sao Paulo by Panda Security CEO Juan Santana and the Brazilian Army's Commander of Communications and Cyber-Warfare, Brigadier General Antonino dos Santos Guerra Neto.
The IRGC is widely believed to have developed the most sophisticated cyber-warfare capabilities which, among other things, managed to hijack some of the most advanced US drone aircraft and sabotage other hostile targets, such the computers of Saudi Aramco and other Middle Eastern system.
As global political tensions continue to escalate, are acts of cyber-warfare set to cause headaches for regional enterprises?
Bassett said the way in which cyber-warfare is employed can range from sophisticated operations such as the Stuxnet programme allegedly used by the US and Israel to disrupt the Iranian nuclear programme, to the common kinds of hacking techniques employed by individual users of the internet.
The launch in the UAE follows the global launch announcement at the company's Cyber Security Summit titled, "How Cyber-Warfare Impacts Corporate IT Security" that was held in New York, late last month.
Our lead consultant, Jeremy Martin, is a cyber-warfare analyst that has consulted top companies and has trained thousands of security professionals in more than 50 countries.
It warned that Chinese telecommunications firms assist the government in cyber-warfare research, training, and cyber-surveillance.
This is the only proven case of actual cyber-warfare.
preparedness for cyber-warfare in general and of NATO's commitment
Instead of spending billions on nuclear deterrents and oldstyle ground wars, the MoD should invest in cyber-warfare and counter-terrorism.
The Air Force announced with great fanfare earlier this year that it was elevating the mission of cyber-warfare to an all-important status, and designated the 8th Air Force at Barksdale Air Force Base, La.
Acknowledge that the cyber-terrorist threat exists and prepare for cyber-warfare.
The research showed that almost three quarters of all respondents thought that some kind of cyber-warfare is likely to occur in the near future.
We are detecting with increasing frequency the appearance of doctrines and dedicated offensive cyber-warfare programs," he said, alluding to China and Russia.
Media coverage of hacking and cyber-warfare, alongside users' apprehension over their systems' vulnerabilities will drive the market to $24.