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Representatives of tree fern families such as Cyatheaceae and Dicksoniaceae, and forest taxa including Gleicheniaceae, Hymenophyllaceae and Osmundaceae have been important components of the forest understory in New Zealand since at least the late Eocene and possibly since the late Cretaceous (Mildenhall, 1980; Cieraad & Lee, 2006).
Phylogenetic implications of chloroplast DNA variation in the Cyatheaceae.
Morphology of the gametophytes and young sporophytes of Cyatheaceae native to Taiwan.
Cyatheaceae occurs below the hydropterid node in the results of Pryer et al.
Classifications of Cyatheaceae are still variable at the generic level.
There are only about 150 rbcL sequences from Sphaeropteris, Cyathea and Alsophila in GenBank, while worldwide there are over 600 Cyatheaceae tree fern species (Large and Bragins, 2004).
Domin in Rivera and Tacuarembo Departments represent the first records of the Cyatheaceae from Uruguay.
During the palynological studies of the Southern Cone Cyatheaceae (Marquez et al.
Examples include some tree ferns belonging to the Cyatheaceae and Dicksoniaceae ("xaxins" or "samambaiacus"), which have been exploited for commercial purposes, especially in the South of Brazil (Windisch, 2002).
The tree fern family Cyatheaceae consists of about 700 species worldwide with diversity centers in tropical wet mountain regions (Tryon and Gastony, 1975; Conant et al.