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type genus of the Cyatheaceae: tree ferns of the tropical rain forest to temperate woodlands

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A more recent introduction to garden cultivation in Britain, the Cyathea requires winter protection even in the mildest areas.
Conant Cyathea pauciflora (Kuhn) Lellinger Sphaeropteris quindiuensis (H.
The pollen sum in the lower (110 cm) of the two samples from the large stone mound is dominated by ferns, especially Cyathea tree ferns (FIGURE 3b).
Diurnal and seasonal variations in photosynthetic and morphological traits of the tree ferns Dicksonia antarctica (Dicksoniaceae) and Cyathea australis (Cyatheaceae) in wet sclerophyll forests of Australia.
Spores of forest ferns such as Asplenium nidus and Cyathea sp.
The filicalean genera Matonia, Dennstaedtia, Adiantum, and Pteridium occur in a pectinate arrangement at successively more distal nodes below a clade that consists of Cyathea + Acrostichum as sister group to Onoclea + Polypodium.
Cyathea marginalis (Klotzsch) Domin--Carvalho et al.
Some Cyathea species primitively lack glands, and the presence or absence of these glands and their structure correlate with recent molecular phylogenies.
There are only about 150 rbcL sequences from Sphaeropteris, Cyathea and Alsophila in GenBank, while worldwide there are over 600 Cyatheaceae tree fern species (Large and Bragins, 2004).
2006) classified in four genera: Alsophila, Cyathea, Cnemidaria and Sphaeropteris (Lellinger, Amer.
1973), due to the fact that he included Cyathea hassleriana H.
The tree-ferns of the genus Cyathea in Australasia and the Pacific.