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61 Anthemis tinctoria 1 Anthriscus sylvestris 1 A triplex prostrata 2 2 Brassica campestris 5 9 Capsella bursa pastoris 1 Centaurea cyanus 2 3 Cerastium arvense 3 Cerastium holosteoides 15 Chelidonium majus 38 Chenopodium album 69 479 544 Chenopodium glaucum 7 Erodium cicutarium 1 Fallopia convolvulus 8 31 Fumaria officinalis 2 Galeopsis ladanum 1 Galeopsis tetrahit/speciosa 9 25 Galium aparine 39 Galium spurium 1 Geranium pusillum 4 Lamium album 1 Lamium purpureum 1 Lapsana communis 2 Polygonum aviculare 29 Polygonum lapathifolium 12 237 Polygonum sp.
Witch' is noted in English dialects, apart from the purple foxglove, Digitalis purpurea (witch['s] thimble), for the mountain ash, Pyrus Aucuparia (witch-beam), the harebell, Campanula rotundifolia, and the corn bluebottle or bluebonnet, Centaurea cyanus, both called witch bells, and the dandelion (Leontodon Taraxacum) is called witch-gowan in England and Scotland.
A second sample (3/ 8532b) revealed a similar spectra with a moderate pollen concentration (14,991 gr/ml) dominated by Poaceae, Cyperaceae, Lactuceae, Plantago lanceolata and Pteridium with a few grains of a wide range of herbs including Anthemis type, Alchemilla type (Lady's Mantle), Polygonum aviculare (Knotgrass), Centaurea cyanus (Cornflower), Vitis (0.
Among my favourites is the humble cornflower, Centaurea cyanus, which flowers from early summer right through until autumn.
Blodyn o liw glas hyfryd oedd hwnnw, ac a elwir yn Penlas-yr-yed, [Centaurea cyanus L].
Sarker SD, Laird A, Nahar L, Kumarasamy Y, Jaspars M (2001) Indole alkaloids from the seeds of Centaurea cyanus (Asteraceae).
Cell cultures of Centaurea cyanus produce malonated anthocyanin in UV light.