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prokaryotic organisms sometimes considered a class or phylum or subkingdom

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At 30 m, the species diversity of Cryptophyta was mainly represented by Rhodomans minuta; Bacillariophyta by Cyclotella glomerata, Synedra ulna, and Tabellaria fenestrata; and Cyanophyta by Chroococcus limeticus and Oscillatoria limnetica, respectively.
Phycocyanin is the blue pigment present in all cyanophyta.
lagoa rio DIVISÂO CYANOPHYTA Juparanã Pequeno Anabaena ambigua Rao CT Anabaena solitaria Klebam CT CT Anabaena sp.
In conclusion, the biomass of the non-N-fixing cyanophyta Oscillatoriales can be expected to increase with enhanced phosphorous concentrations.
the Cyanophyta (cyanobacteria) or the Chlorophyta, nor indeed to any
In the aquatic carnivorous plant Utricularia, small organisms such as rotifers, cladocerans, copepods, annelids, rhizopodans, and phytoplankton (Bacillariophyta, Chlorophyta, Cyanophyta, and Euglenophyta), as well as insects, have been recorded as captured (Gordon and Pacheco, 2007).
Biomass ([micro]g/L) of live cyanobacteria in Tallinn and Muuga bays in summer 2002 Anabaena Aphanizomenon Nodularia Station Date Cyanophyta spp.
His Master's thesis was entitled "Ecology of Four Thermophilic Cyanophyta in a Thermal Stream.