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6; all-rac-[Alpha]-tocopheryl acetate, 1,200; menadione, 6; thiamine [multiplied by] HCI, 59; riboflavin, 59; pyridoxine-HCl, 29; cyanocobalamine, 0.
The last thirty chapters deal with AOAC official methods of analysis as applied to: ash, Beta-carotene, calcium, cholesterol, copper, cyanocobalamine, dietary fibre, fat -polyunsaturated and total, folacin, iodine, iron, magnesium, moisture, and niacin to mention but the first few.
4 mg, calcium pantothenate12 mg, cyanocobalamine 12 mg, trace mineral mixture contained Fe 81 mg, Mn 60 mg, Zn 40 mg, Cu 8 mg, I 2.