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any of a class of organic compounds containing the cyano radical -CN

an extremely poisonous salt of hydrocyanic acid

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As discussed above, due to the chelating interactions of Ag ions with cyano groups and phenolic hydroxyls, PAN polymer and TP both serve as stabilizer during the synthesis of AgNPs in PAN nanofibers, preventing AgNPs from aggregation and obtaining AgNPs with relatively small size and uniform dispersion in PAN nanofibers.
The metanephrines were separated from matrix components and interferences by SPE and LC with a cyano column and acetonitrile-water mobile phase.
The IR spectrum of 28 revealed the absence cyano function indicating the addition of hydroxyl group on the triple bond system of cyano group.
0 mm, length: 100 mm, particle size: 3 m, thus: reverse phase, particle shape: esferi,column for liquid chromatography, cyano (cn), format: column cartridge, carbon load: 3% endcapped: yes, internal diameter 4.
The products include 3000 kgs/month atenolol, 5000 kgs/month cinnarizine, 5000 kgs/month cyano diol base, 5000 kgs/month dextromethorphan HBr, 2000 kgs/month DFTA, 4000 kgs/month epoxy mesylate, 1500 kgs/month escitalopram oxalate, 5000 kgs/month fexofenadine HCl (BCN), 5000 kgs/month fexofenadine HCl, 5000 kgs/month Fexo Stage-10, 5000 kgs/month Fluconazole, 10,000 kgs/month Metaprolol Succinate, 2000 kgs/month Tramadol Base, 25,000 kgs/month Tramadol Hydrochloride (MBA), 25,000 kgs/month Tramadol Hydrochloride (MCA), 5,000 kgs/month Tramadol nitrate.
06 eV, is a delocalized p orbital distributed over the cyano group through the phenothiazine group whereas the HOMO-1, lying 0.
Supernatant (4 mL) was loaded onto a Supelcosil[TM] Cyano column (30 x 3 mm, 3 [micro]m bead size) and eluted with a mixture of 700 mL/L acetonitrile-300 mL/L water containing 0.
1-(4-((1H-imidazol-2-yl)sulfonyl)phenyl)ethanone (ISE) and cyano acetic acid hydrazide were synthesized based on the method reported in literature [16].
TABLE 2 Correlation matrix among the main groups of phytoplankton and environmental parameters in Lake Bonilla Temp, (2m) Dif2-10m Pptn (7dias) Cyano Chloro Temp, (2m) 1 Dif2-10m 0.
Due to the high triple bond energy, the cyano in the cyanides was unable to react with other chemicals.
They are available with C18, C8, Phenyl-Hexyl, Cyano, and bare silica phases on either 3 or 5 pm spherical particles.
Blue-green algae or cyano bacteria are microscopic cells that grow naturally in Australian fresh and salt waters.
Cyanoform has a central carbon atom attached to a hydrogen atom and to three cyano groups, each consisting of a carbon triplebonded to a nitrogen.