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Advanced Cutting Tools secured a six-figure loan from NatWest for the move which will see the firm create four jobs this year.
These new cutting tools aim to address the problem caused by the increase of chips or swarf produced in using materials like aluminium alloy.
Superion manufactures special solid carbide and PCD-tipped rotary cutting tools.
For more information, contact TMX Cutting Tools at support@tmxtoolx.
After the tests developed in the second step, with cutting tools thermal treated, the best results are obtained for treatments at a temperature of 725 K for 15 minutes, reaching levels of improvement in the order of 450%, which involves multiplying the tool life by almost a factor 6, taking the original average life of 4 hours 30 minutes.
As a result, the Company remains the largest manufacturer of HSS and HSS cutting tools in China, maintaining the largest market share in the industry with solid results.
The lower cutting forces result in lesser distortion of work piece, which improves the surface finish while machining with the ceramic cutting tools.
introduces new features to its hydraulic toolholders, modifying its bestseller TENDO to be able to clamp different types of cutting tools with cylindrical shanks directly in the toolholder without using intermediate sleeves.
The three companies purchased have about $40 million in annual sales and produce, market, and service durable and consumable industrial cutting tools.
Offers degaters, saws, rotary cutters, fabric cutters, and heated cutting tools.
This problem is more significant at processes where concave cutting tools are used.
Exactaform Cutting Tools, based at the Little Heath Industrial Estate, Coventry, has manufactured specialist cutting tools since it was set up in 1979.
Carbide cutting tools are used, with size depending on the configuration being engraved.
In both machining operations, the arbors were fitted with brazed carbide cutting tools.
com/research/hm8njk/global_high_speed) has announced the addition of the "Global High Speed Steel Metal Cutting Tools Market 2012-2016" report to their offering.