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a razor with a straight cutting edge enclosed in a case that forms a handle when the razor is opened for use

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I watched, fascinated, when the barber was shaving someone and he would wield that fearsome-looking cutthroat razor up and down the strap, testing the sharpness on his finger (or even, with the more daring ones, their tongue).
Weapons seized by police include a cutthroat razor, a joiner's hole punch and a set of sharpened dog tags.
The Blades boss was angry when his staff tried to cover up an altercation between Claude Davis and Ade Akinbiyi, when the defender allegedly threatened the striker with a cutthroat razor.
Barber Wayne Bates used clippers and a cutthroat razor to remove Paul's beard at Head case Barbers in Westhill Road, Coundon.
The potentially lethal weapons given up around England and Wales in the five-week campaign included cutthroat razors, samurai swords, axes, machetes, meat cleavers and an 1880s bayonet.
At Nuneaton police station, a total of 245 weapons were handed in, including two sci-fi multibladed weapons and eight cutthroat razors.