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Synonyms for caption

taking exception

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brief description accompanying an illustration


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provide with a caption, as of a photograph or a drawing

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Then, with the screws in place, marking the outer stock borders onto the pad is done using a scribe or other marker to define the cutline.
How you cut the pad to size along the marked cutline is a matter of choice as long as it is cut squarely, being sure the cut leaves sufficient material to form the toe.
Since then, a couple of things have happened: Oregon made corrections, approved by the NCAA, that raised its adjusted score to 868, and the NCAA added a squad-size factor that temporarily dropped the football program cutline to 905 for the next two years.
If the folks pictured are just standing around, jawing at each other or staring at some object, the lack of material steers the writer toward a cutline that relies on hackneyed cutline verbs such as watches"' inspects"' "sifts through," "searches," and shows.
3) no cutline (Game box simulating director's clapboard)
A cutline notes, "Altogether, the Marathon has been won 37 times by runners from outside the U.
The cutline proclaimed "Employees at Classic Farms keep an eye on tenderfoots learning the art of hauling hay from a field in Smithfield, Maine.
As printed, the cutline describes an area that is hot and displays many springs.
EDITOR'S NOTE: An electronic photo of the Award presentation and cutline are available by calling 703-742-5376.