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Synonyms for cuticle

the dead skin at the base of a fingernail or toenail

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hard outer covering or case of certain organisms such as arthropods and turtles

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One of the exhibitors is Cuticles, a nationwide mobile beauty service offering treatments such as manicures, pedicures, waxing and tanning.
The abrasion of combing dry hair essentially sands down the cuticle layer, says Ramaprasad.
Apply cuticle remover and gently push back cuticles.
DALLAS -- Dry, cracked cuticles can cause painful hangnails and discomfort.
You will need a foot file, cuticle oil and stick, a scrub and foot cream.
Cody and his team studied fossil remains of a 310-million-year-old scorpion cuticle from northern Illinois and a 417-million-year-old eurypterid-an extinct scorpion-like arthropod, possibly related to horseshoe crabs-from Ontario, Canada.
In order to keep your hands and nails looking their best, ensure you moisturise your hands often and keep your cuticles well oiled.
The aim is to exfoliate and hydrate the cuticles thanks to the 18-carat gold enriched formula.
Henna coats the strings of hair with the Lawsonia, which is known to bond to protein, it makes the cuticles lie down flat and can result in smoother, shinier hair with less tangling.
She added that cutting cuticles cuts the protective barrier between nails and the main skin, allowing bacteria to enter the base of the nail and cause infection.
com) YOUR HAIR WITH COLD WATER WILL CLOSE 5RINSING THE CUTICLES "Hair is not a living cell, and so it doesn't react to cold water any dierently to hot.
com) 5 RINSING YOUR HAIR WITH COLD WATER WILL CLOSE THE CUTICLES "Hair is not a living cell, and so it doesn't react to cold water any dierently to hot.
com) Rinsing your hair with cold water will close the cuticles IT MAKES no difference, says Rosie Binns, stylist at Ethos Hairdressing.
The nails are filed and buffed and cuticles removed after dabbing with cuticle remover to soften them.
Briefly, whole bodies of 15 larvae and the dissected cuticles from 30 larvae were collected from the control and KA treatment groups for enzyme extraction.