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a razor with a straight cutting edge enclosed in a case that forms a handle when the razor is opened for use

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It was black-handled cut-throat razor," said prosecutor Julian Greenwood.
Cardiff Crown Court heard how Oakley insisted to police officers that he always carried a cut-throat razor for self protection.
Robinson, of Gladstone Street, Stockton, had a record including assaults and having a cut-throat razor in public, but had never been in custody.
Last month, there were allegations that defender Claude Davis had threatened striker Ade Akinbiyi with a cut-throat razor during a training ground bust-up.
Blades officials dismissed reports Davis had a cut-throat razor in his hand as the training-ground row between the pair got out of control.
He uses his cut-throat razor to kill his clients, then passes his victim's flesh on to his neighbour, pie shop owner Mrs Lovett (Essie Davis), for whom he harbours a painful unrequited love.
Yen has sent some of her staff on special cut-throat razor courses, to make sure the blades don't live up to their name.
A shave with a cut-throat razor, plus head and arm massage, costs just pounds 1.
He also shaves my face with a cut-throat razor every week and don't think he'd be very kind to me.
Cut-throat razor wet shaves were the order of the day to mark the official opening of his new shop, based above Eric's vintage clothes shop.
A TEENAGER from Coventry who acted as the getaway driver for a robbery in which a shop assistant had a cut-throat razor held to his neck has avoided being jailed.
As much as I love the delectable Johnny, five minutes of Stephen Sondheim's tuneless tortured Todd terpsichory would have me diving for the exit faster than the demon barber flicking open his cut-throat razor.
After the scuffle Dwayne Sheldon remembered seeing what he described as a cut-throat razor and feeling a sharp pain, but had not realised what was going on," he said.
That night, a maniac comes calling with a cut-throat razor and murders Alex's parents and little brother.