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Synonyms for cut out

form and create by cutting out

cut off and stop


Related Words

strike or cancel by or as if by rubbing or crossing out

cease operating

having been cut out

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Unlikely to ever get close to the real thing, they pinch the cut-out.
So his parents commissioned the lifesize cut-outs to get him in the wedding snaps.
Cardboard cut-outs of singer Kylie Minogue and pop heart-throb Robbie Williams helped staff and pupils at Bishop Wulstan RC School in Rugby raise pounds 336 for charity.
Of 50 cardboard cut-outs circulating around Coventry and Warwickshire, Tony gained the most points by spending three weeks, 24 hours a day with Shep and Helen and introducing their more static double to a range of celebrities.
The ceiling, lowered below the level of a beautiful exposed concrete waffle slab, folds and unfolds like a giant origami, with ceiling cut-outs where light is needed, and planes hanging down from it where spatial divisions are programmatically required.
The three cars,driven by presenters Jeremy Clarkson,James May and Richard Hammond,braked short of the cut-outs.
Matisse, however, was fully aware that the paper cut-out technique possessed its own expressive qualities, with the result that even the grain of the paper and the direction of the gouache brushstrokes play their structural and expressive parts.
The cut-outs can then be exchanged for prizes from the restaurant including luxury French food hampers, hampers containing bottles of French wine, beer and Champagne, and Caf Rouge dining vouchers.
The high-profile clampdown includes life-like cardboard cut-outs of officers, which will be placed in the town's shops, to remind criminals they are being watched.
But the French artist Henri Matisse impressed the art world with his decision to use paper cut-outs in his art.
I HAVE never written in before but felt compelled to after the article about the police using cardboard cut-outs to deter crime in South Wales.
Cheeky staff at Lincoln County Hospital also allegedly rigged one of the 30 life-size cut-outs to shout "Boo" at unsuspecting visitors.
When the seat and carpet were removed, a cut-out concealed panel was visible which was held in place by two screws.
He wrote: "The paper cut-out allows me to draw in colour.
2--6--Color) Jeri Ryan suits up in the latest looks in swimwear, including, clockwise from above, boy shorts and a halter top by Hot Water, rose print by Anne Klein, blue velvet bikini with sarong by Liz Claiborne, buckle-trimmed two-piece by Liz Claiborne and cut-out design by Anne Klein.