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Synonyms for cut out

form and create by cutting out

cut off and stop


Related Words

strike or cancel by or as if by rubbing or crossing out

cease operating

having been cut out

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We are trialling the cardboard cut-outs to try to deter shoplifters.
Photographs from the period show the walls of his Vence apartment covered in vibrant, brightly coloured cut-outs.
Hamed told Daily News Egypt that she works on both previously made paintings and cut-outs of pictures with her dE[umlaut]coupage technique.
The hardest type of Cut-Out to make is zoomorphic; they had to be perfectly proportioned.
If any of the three presenters had failed to brake in time, their cars would have ploughed into the cut-outs.
The only exhibition devoted solely to the cut-outs during Matisse's lifetime was held at Heinz Berggruen's gallery in Paris in 1953, and so it is appropriate that fifty years on the exhibition 'Henri Matisse: Drawing with Scissors' should have been held at the Sammlung Berggruen, the public gallery in Berlin devoted to the great dealer's collection.
The high-profile clampdown includes life-like cardboard cut-outs of officers, which will be placed in the town's shops, to remind criminals they are being watched.
I HAVE never written in before but felt compelled to after the article about the police using cardboard cut-outs to deter crime in South Wales.
The ceiling, lowered below the level of a beautiful exposed concrete waffle slab, folds and unfolds like a giant origami, with ceiling cut-outs where light is needed, and planes hanging down from it where spatial divisions are programmatically required.
But the French artist Henri Matisse impressed the art world with his decision to use paper cut-outs in his art.
CUT IT OUT Cardboard cut-out nurses set up to ask hospital visitors to wash their hands have been sabotaged to play popular theme tunes from the A-Team, Top Cat and Mission Impossible, it was reported.
When the seat and carpet were removed, a cut-out concealed panel was visible which was held in place by two screws.
Pamela So's pretty cut-out flowers reflect the way her family's Chinese culture has become more Scottish, and some seem to echo thistles.
He wrote: "The paper cut-out allows me to draw in colour.