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White denim cut-off shorts, pounds 23, from Dorothy Perkins at The Fort.
Christopher Roberts, 23, shop assistant at Guess, from Cardiff Preppy Christopher looks cool and collected in his cut-off shorts, low neck T-shirt and baggy cardigan combo.
Not quite as good as All Killer No Filler, but it'll keep Mr Avril Lavigne and his two bandmates in cut-off shorts for some time to come.
Think leggings, cut-off shorts, baggy tees, long baggy cardigans hanging open, cover up leather jackets, long waistcoats, the essential beanie knit hat, loose jumper dresses, and masculine boxy blazers.
Mini-dresses, stilettoes and bling are out - football shirts and cut-off shorts are in.
The same rules should apply, as far as possible, to both sexes and prohibited items - such as bikini tops or cut-off shorts - should be spelled out.
There's a poster in existence where I have bicycle pants or, like, leggings under cut-off shorts with polka-dot socks and ankle riding boots and a huge leather jacket - and I even think there are stripes involved.
Daisy's denim cut-off shorts became forever referred to as `Daisy Dukes'.
She'll still be in those trademark cut-off shorts, but she will also model outfits suitable for visits to the Antarctic, South Pacific and Area 51, deep in the Arizona Desert.
Copy Kate in cut-off shorts or a frock teamed with Aldo's pounds 80 Mandina boot.
Get your fake tan at the ready because no wardrobe should be without a pair of denim cut-off shorts (EUR41.
One of the other band members can wear gravy cut-off shorts or something.