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handsaw that cuts at right angles to the grain (or major axis)

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Tenders are invited for 355Mm Cut Off Saw With Cutting Wheel, No Load Speed 3800Rpm,Powerinput2100 Watt,Approx Weight 17Kgs.
Tenders are invited for Portable Electricaloperated Cut Off Saw Machine Confirming To Specifications As 1 .
Tenders are invited for Abrasive Cutting Equipment Consisting Of Petrol Driven Cut Off Saw And Abrasive Cutter 350Mm Description Attached.
Tenders are invited for Procurement of Air Blower & Cut off Saw Machine.
Tenders are invited for Cut Off Saw Machine Speed 3500 Rpm,Capacity 2000 W,Diameter 355 Mm,Fir Cutting Of Stainless Steel Cable Tray And Aluminium Feeder Pipe.
Tenders are invited for 14 Cut Off Saw Machine Model:Gco-2400J Make:Bosch Or Its Equivalent In Hitachi.