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an illegal daily lottery

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He said the force is bucking a trend seen across England and Wales as chief constables cut numbers and slash costs to save cash.
And a five per cent cap, the rate imposed under the current temporary cap, would cut numbers by less than one per cent, the report found.
military is on track to cut numbers in Iraq to 50,000 by end August, when the 7-1/2-year combat mission launched by former President George W.
K2 hoped a membership scheme and using nearby Slate Quay car park, to encourage parents to give their children lifts, would cut numbers in town following an event.
Sir Andrew Green of Migrationwatch said the Government would do the country "a considerable service" if it cut numbers.
TEXT messages will remind shoppers to reuse their carrier bags in a bid to cut numbers of plastic bags.
Because of a reporter's error, a story in yesterday's Telegram & Gazette incorrectly attributed job cut numbers at a Devens packaging and warehousing plant to a Procter & Gamble spokesperson.
In 2000-2001 banks cut numbers too quickly and when the markets came back people were basically caught short," said one senior London-based investment banker.
Citing losses at the bank, UBS recently said that it would 'adjust staffing levels,' with actual job cut numbers to be announced in May.
Joseph Biden, a senior Democratic senator, said the US military had no choice but to cut numbers in Iraq because current levels were not sustainable without mobilising the entire National Guard.
However, with most of my owner-breeders now unfortunately dead or having had to cut numbers dramatically, one just has to accept the position.
Our analysis of job cut numbers shows a disproportionate number of employees over 40 years old have been let go in several resource actions.
Eleven firefighters, including a captain and a fire marshal, were arrested for assault as they stormed the World Trade Centre wreckage on Friday to demonstrate against the move to cut numbers working on the site to just 24.
Marcus Bowell, public affairs spokesman for the Local Government Boundary Commission, said his organisation would consider any future request from the council, but that it would be up to the Commission whether or not the council could cut numbers.
The Government's Fines Bill is due to be published in the current Dail term and is expected to cut numbers going to prison for non-payment of fines.