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The teenager from Dundee grew up watching his mum cut hair and now works as a junior stylist and colourist at Blu Hair and Beauty in the city.
It's a life's dream, one which I think will revolutionise the way people cut hair.
As a second-generation barber, Freeman has cut hair for 16 years.
Once their hair cut is complete, kids trade in a lock of their freshly cut hair to the Snip-its' "Magic Box" a cool contraption that through "magic," turns kids' hair into a prize.
CHARITY CUT : Andrea Lindsay with her cut hair which will be donated to the Little Princess Trust PW270513Dhair-
The first man was in his 20s or 30s, about 6ft 1ins, of slight build, with dark crew cut hair and stubble.
But he never learned how to cut hair and left his victims with ruined hair.
Both men are 5ft 10 to 6ft and aged in their mid 20s, one with a crew cut hair and a goatee beard and the other with short spiky hair and was wearing denim.
A year later, World War II took him to the Navy, and that's where Holmoe learned to cut hair.
The Gillette Company today introduced Gillette(R) Comfort Blades, improved, thinner blades designed to cut hair more easily than traditional Gillette blades for an extraordinarily comfortable shave.
YOU can cut hair and expenditure by haircutting at home with this versatile electric hair clipper.
I like to go to bars to drink,'' said Rogers, a former Van Nuys resident with neatly cut hair and a trimmed beard and mustache.
Cut hair at home with this professional kit - ONLY pounds 7.
York, 26, and his fiancee, Deputy Jennifer Parrish, were off duty and unarmed in the De Cut hair salon in Buena Park on Thursday night when two gunmen burst through the door and told everyone to hand over money and valuables.
After work Thursday, while he and Parrish were visiting a friend at the De Cut hair salon in Buena Park, York was gravely wounded - shot in the back of the head by two robbers.