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the cultivation of flowering plants

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California's dominance of the domestic cut flower industry is due partly to its favorable climate, which allows for year-round production of a large variety of flowers.
The domestic cut flower industry has been facing extreme competition from low cost, off-shore producers (Colombia) for the past several years, resulting in a huge loss of the domestic marketshare.
com) of Portland, Oregon, today announced that they are open for business and ready to compete, fully intending to deadhead a few rivals as they establish dominance in the decentralized cut flower industry.
Valentine's Day - February 14 - was one of the key dates in the calendar for Kenya's cut flower industry.
The early appearance of the outdoor grown flowers will provide a boost to the Welsh cut flower industry, with the Pembrokeshire grown blooms being the first to appear on supermarket shelves this season.
The cut flower industry, which relies heavily upon imports, would also be put under severe pressure.
The cut flower industry of Bangalore city is reaping profits from the increasing export orders, owing to the weakening rupee against other currencies.
There has been a reluctance by the cut flower industry to make alstroemeria rhizomes available to the general public because of the flower's popularity and staying power; when everyone grows alstroemeria - a rapidly developing scenario in any case - no one will have to buy it.
The hellebore is becoming increasingly popular in the cut flower industry - when cut at the right stage it will last in water for weeks.
The cut flower industry is so fragmented, with so many varieties, it's tough to see a real return on your investment.