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The employees of the Customs Service indirectly make people crossing border to bribe them, creating such conditions, representative of the Association said.
Benkhalfa, who runs the national Association of Banks and Financial Establishments (Abef), said on state radio that cooperation established among banks and with the customs service will get the system working in 2011.
Not only does he have an outstanding reputation in the security and law enforcement communities, but given his extensive experience at the Customs Service, he will surely take this global function to a new level of excellence, suitable for these challenging times.
Traders who conduct their business legally also have an important stake in the operations of the Customs Service and have been quite vocal in their calls for greater speed, efficiency and simplicity in Customs procedure," ATMI said.
Customs Service, which has installed the $125,000 BodySearch device in six international airports so far, counters that machine-scanning is less invasive than physical searches by inspectors.
Customs Service is applying a new technology to scan vehicles for contraband as they cross the clogged U.
The organization urged the Supreme Court not to treat a Customs Service or IRS ruling as a policy decision that courts must accept if it is minimally rational.
2, when it was replaced on the Customs Service list by Edinburg (Texas) International Airport.
EPA and Customs Service officers say it's impossible to estimate the quantity of illegal CFCs crossing the border.
Customs Service in support of its Multi-port Approach to Raise Compliance (MARC) 2000 program, which will enhance the reliability of U.
Customs Service expects all importers to adopt management systems that ensure import and export compliance is a priority.
Meanwhile, the Customs Service maintains its innocence against charges it profiles travelers by race and gender.
Aviation and airport consultants, Airplan (Airport Planning Pty Ltd), has completed a study on behalf of the Australian Customs Service (ACS) to produce guidelines for the terminal infrastructure, including operational facilities and regulatory requirements, for the services carried out by the Australian Customs Service at a range of Australian airports.
Customs Service has issued a ruling that would significantly increase the tariff for imported surgical gowns and drapes manufactured from "Sontara," a DuPont product used by a number of INDA member companies.
NEW YORK -- L-3 Communications (NYSE: LLL) announced today that its Security and Detection Systems division was selected by the Australian Customs Service to supply pallet cargo x-ray screening equipment for use at Australian cargo examination facilities.
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