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import charges


Synonyms for customs

money collected under a tariff

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At the end of the day, Customs duties on some commodities can also be used to finance this excessive energy cost," he added.
On the surface, customs duties in the GCC seem straightforward - a five per cent entry duty on imports, and goods can be shipped anywhere within the GCC without further customs charges," Mr Richardson said.
It has also proposed the reduction of customs duties to two percent instead of five percent as a second stage whereas the third and final stage is related to the full exemption of GCC precious metal products from any customs duties.
Even though the reduction of customs duties is good news for most of the businessmen, mostly for the importers, it is a double-edged sword for the domestic economy.
Customs duties will be cut for liquid soaps, a variety of cleaning products and detergents and products of plastic masses, such as pipes, foils and floor and plastic mass covers.
customs duties on industrial products, as well as the preferential tariff for
In 2010, 13 billion Turkish Liras (TL) of all customs duties out of a total of around 40 billion TL were paid by "Gumkart".
Cancelled 'Retroactive Customs Duties on Licenses': Customs was going to apply 30% customs duties on all software licenses imported to Jordan over the past 3 years based on Customs law which gives them the right to modify customs duties retroactively, this is out of the picture.
ISLAMABAD , June 05, 2010 (Balochistan Times): The government has proposed to reduce and simplify customs duties for 29 categories of products including lowering duty on import of Crude Palm Oil to bring down the price hike.
The charges relate to evasion of customs duties amounting to rupees 10 million due to under-valuation of the three imported consignments.
The tax, which will replace customs duties to be phased out under free trade agreements, is likely to be set at a flat rate of between three per cent and five per cent and would be applied to all goods and services.
a The agreement provides, inter alia, for the exemption of customs duties and taxes for samples and advertising materials with no commercial value, and the suspension of customs duties and taxes for goods, items and equipment temporarily imported and necessary for trade exhibitions and fairs.
For the moment, India imposes an "additional" tax of 20 percent to 75 percent on imports of beer and wine and between 25 percent to 150 percent on imports of distilled spirits on top of the basic customs duties applied to these products.
The contractors, North West Railways, would be exempt from customs duties on the imported machinery and equipment it needs to get the job done.
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