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Earlier, Senator Ralph Recto, chairman of the senate finance sub-committee, said the Customs bureau should be investigated over what happened on "non instrusive" inspection equipment, which includes X-ray scanners that were purchased over the years.
But, giving credit to enforcement by the police, national bureau of investigation, and customs bureau among others, Blancaflor said "the counterfeit problem in the country is going down now.
The San Francisco Customs Bureau initially developed and enforced Chinese Exclusion Act procedures.
The CDC reportedly wants access to the same electronic passenger lists sent to the Customs Bureau to be checked for potential terrorists, however it only wants access to lists for flights from locations known to have an outbreak of an infectious disease or flights on which a passenger has been found to be infected.
tariff laws, already are subject to country-of-origin labeling under a comprehensive set of regulations administered by the Customs Bureau.
A joint program by FDA and the Customs Bureau designed to protect the public from bioterrorist attacks via imported food is falling far short of expectations.
Cosmetics were exported to more than 70 countries in 2002, according to the State Customs Bureau of China.
Customs Bureau funding to beef up port security and also calls for national port security standards.
According to the statistics from the State General Customs Bureau, in 2002 China imported 232.
One day, attending a customs bureau auction in hopes of a bargain, he feels he is ignored by everybody, acquaintances and friends alike, even the auctioneer.
In MalacaEang, officials said the Aquino government will be implementing a "wide-ranging reform" in the Customs bureau that will spare no one.
6 percent from October, according to the customs bureau.
The national customs bureau also said the trade surplus of the world's second-biggest economy, a source of friction with China's trading partners, widened to $27.
9 billion for imported goods over the past four years while the Customs Bureau recorded imports at $185.
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