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Synonyms for customs

import charges


Synonyms for customs

money collected under a tariff

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So here is why custom duties on devices except the most basic ones, in whose manufacture we specialize, should not be increased.
The minister pointed out to the commodities exempted from the custom duties including sugar, oil, wheat, lentils, rice, beans, tea and children's milk powder as well as the capital goods such as tractors, water pumps, irrigation machineries, soil equipment, gold drilling machines, mills for different uses and production lines, referring to the goods exempted according to the regional agreements such as COMESA.
Calculations suggest that if a similar quantity of telecom equipment is imported this year than the total custom duties to be paid by operators will increase by 43 percent to reach at or around Rs.
Customs duty exempted through SROs during the period 2008-9 to December 2012-13 including Rs 72,486 million custom duties has been waived off during 2008-9.
724 million amount of custom duties was waived off through SROs from fiscal year 2008 to December 2012-13.