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a brokerage firm account that parents have created for a minor

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For custodial accounts addition information required includes the following:
Additionally, it is not uncommon for large 403(b) plans to offer group annuity contracts issued by several insurance companies, or custodial accounts with multiple custodians.
Gifts to custodial accounts qualify for the federal gift tax annual exclusion (see sidebar).
Ametros' point-of-sale technology and medical management processes combined with WLDI's medical treatment expertise and unique databases will produce an unrivaled service to manage post-settlement MSAs and custodial accounts, as well as provide innovative, technology driven pre-settlement cost containment solutions to the country's leading insurance carriers, third party administrators, and self-insured organisations.
When Grant comes of age (generally, between ages 18 and 21, depending on state law), he will have access to the money still in his custodial accounts and may not follow Kyle's advice on how to spend it.
Students can maximize their eligibility for aid with the help of this guide which surveys various custodial accounts, education tax breaks, and more.
Identify two or three financial institutions that offer HSA custodial accounts, with at least one of them being local.
Halpern acknowledged Holmes' reading of the regulation for other types of custodial accounts, but wrote that because of an IRA'S special tax treatment, regarding it in such a fashion "utterly subverts the rationale for the attribution rule in the regulation.
com--offer custodial accounts, which you can open with as little as a $100 initial investment.
The problem in distributing these assets is that the bulk of them may be held in annuity contracts or custodial accounts, which are individually owned by each employee who is participating.
Many of those exchanges in recent years went from higher, cost annuity contracts into mutual-fund custodial accounts, or 403(b)(7)s, Baum said.
I'll explain why after I say a bit more about custodial accounts.
Given these escalating costs, CPAs often advise clients to use one of several options to help fund a child's college expenses, including 529 Plans, Educational IRAs and Custodial Accounts.
administers and manages medical custodial accounts used in the settlement and post settlement of liability and workers' compensation disputes.
With the new CIP, financial institutions must verify the identity of any person who opens a new account, including deposit accounts, transactions or asset accounts, loan accounts or other extensions of credit, safe deposit boxes or other safekeeping services, investment services, cash management and custodial accounts.