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United States general who was killed along with all his command by the Sioux at the Battle of Little Bighorn (1839-1876)

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we think we're too macho to go to the doctor and undergo this type of check-up," said Custer, who hosts Showtime Championship Boxing.
The financial sector of Custer County's economy has grown as a local bank is successfully managing an aggressive statewide expansion.
Naturally, the blame was cast upon the Indians, and especially the leader who posed as Crazy Horse, who led the attack on the original Custer.
Custer, who first joined CPI in 1996, most recently held
The question that is hanging on everyone's lips is - will Johnson become the man of the moment or will he follow that other Custer into the pages of history?
Custer was ambushed as the survey party worked, Sitting Bull was in turn attacked by the troops, and Custer and his men had to turn tail and repair to Bismark.
Another problem: The existing crossing offered no access between Custer Avenue and the interstate, a growing inconvenience to the increasing number of businesses setting up shop in the area.
If Custer was battle-wise in earlier battles, why not in his final one?
Two decades later, in 2000, the Pacific Film Archive invited the clarinetist and composer Beth Custer to create some music for the movie and to perform it during a screening.
Steve Custer has been promoted from Senior VP to the position of Executive VP of Farm Journal Media, Philadelphia, Pa.
MILITARY archaeologist Douglas Scott turned up at a battlefield site near Nuneaton - and took General Custer along with him.
Hardorff has spent his career researching the Custer fight and allowing others to see that battle through the eyes of those whom Reno and then Custer attacked.
and George Custer, who Reagan portrayed in the 1940 film ``Santa Fe Trail.
Baldwin Library director Marti Custer, now serving her third year at one of Oakland County's busiest library branches, said the ability to download books is one of many services she wants to explore for customers.
Similarly, the colors of Custer State Park, 2001, look too bright and elegant to be real.