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the practice or manner of preparing food or the food so prepared

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Sheriff Cusine said: "There is undoubtedly a problem.
MSPs and prosecutors might not act on the comments of Lord Hamilton and Sheriff Cusine.
Sheriff Douglas Cusine said the accident may not have happened if the tractor was properly serviced.
She broke down as sheriff Douglas Cusine told her the only sentence appropriate for her was prison.
Sheriff Cusine told Braidwood: "From the reports, it is clear that you do not accept that you did anything wrong and are unwilling or unable to be open and honest with the psychiatrist.
The restaurant features Italian and American cusine and has a large lounge area which provides 'happy hour' pricing to its customers 7 days a week.
Sheriff Douglas Cusine placed Torliefson on probation for two years and banned him from driving for four months.
His lawyer pleaded for leniency, saying Simpson was the sole carer of his young child, but sheriff Douglas Cusine said: 'You have a horrendous record
Sheriff Douglas Cusine accused the Government of causing confusion by deciding to decriminalise cannabis from Class B to Class C a year ago.
Sheriff Cusine said: 'I myself have some difficulty in understanding exactly what message it was the Government intended to convey.
Sheriff Douglas Cusine deferred sentence on Thomson for background reports.
The Kirk's report and any action taken will be used by Sheriff Douglas Cusine when the Rev Ian Andrew returns to his Stonehaven court for sentencing in February.
But Graeme Cusine, 17, was acquitted of causing a breach of the peace when another sheriff ruled the officers' evidence was not corroborated.
A South African dish, bobotie - made using local beef and vegetables by Helen Orton of Europa Cusines of Heswall - was voted top by customers at the last market.
The same disjunction marked Last Garden, 2002--a cemetery filled with twinkling, colorful, Popsicle-shaped tombstones--and Cusines, 2002-2003, a seemingly self-demonized quintet of figures, their heads swapped for African masks, a Popeye-like face, or a giant tessellated egg.