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United States neurologist noted for his study of the brain and pituitary gland and who identified Cushing's syndrome (1869-1939)

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Cushings disease causes an overproduction of anti-inflammatories in the body and so if the Cushings disease is treated, it may unmask some conditions that would respond to those anti-inflammatories, such as skin disease, arthritis and theoretically laryngeal paralysis and nerve inflammation, which could explain why the new signs are only being noticed now if you have opted for treatment of the Cushings disease.
It may or may not be linked to the Cushings disease but if it is affecting his quality of life it would be worth trying something to make him more comfortable.
Cushing, who refused to stop fighting at Gettysburg, Pa.
Cushing never received the Medal of Honor, the award for the bravest in the military.
Cushing to be honored, and her efforts didn't accomplish much.