Cushing's syndrome

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a glandular disorder caused by excessive cortisol

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4) These physiologic and biochemical changes make the diagnosis of Cushing's syndrome in pregnancy an intriguing challenge.
The FDA approval of Signifor for Cushing's disease brings a novel pituitary-directed therapy to patients with limited treatment options," said Herve Hoppenot, President, Novartis Oncology.
Endogenous Cushing's syndrome is a serious and debilitating rare disorder caused by over-production of cortisol, a steroid hormone that increases blood sugar levels, by the adrenal glands.
Cushing's suspension for the first four games of the regular season remains in place.
Cushing's life many years ago, after a visit to Gettysburg piqued his interest in the young man portrayed in a painting as falling beside his guns.
Cushing's potential always intrigued NFL teams, and he admitted even in April he wondered about his status.
Cushing's friends and supporters contributed frequent flier miles and money to help Cushing pay for the pilgrimage, which he made in the name of Pax Christi-Augusta, a local Catholic peace group.
Cushing's status as a franchisee makes his appointment well received by owners of the company's more than 280 locations, and clearly informs his philosophy.
Cushing's careful approach to brain tumor surgery led to very low infection rates, superb operative results, and a substantially lower mortality rate.
He also published a pamphlet entitled 'The Old New World' that presented Cushing's interpretation of what the expedition had found.
People who have taken these hormones for a long time may develop the symptoms of Cushing's syndrome, for example, the rounded or "moon face" and muscle weakness.
Global Markets Direct's, 'Cushing's Syndrome - Pipeline Review, H1 2012', provides an overview of the Cushing's Syndrome therapeutic pipeline.
Robert Cushing's path to war resistance was no simple matter.
McCown, Chairman & CEO of Trailer Bridge, said: "Charles Cushing's more than 40 years of experience in the marine and transportation sectors give him a very broad and innovative perspective.
GlobalData, the industry analysis specialist, has released its new report, Cushing's Syndrome Therapeutics - Pipeline Assessment and Market Forecasts to 2019.