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United States neurologist noted for his study of the brain and pituitary gland and who identified Cushing's syndrome (1869-1939)

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So many of us in the business community have been introduced to Cardinal Cushing Centers by Lenny Forence and have been inspired by the incredible work that transpires every day at the school.
I think working together as part of a team is very important," said Cushing.
Born on April 8, 1869, in Cleveland, Ohio, Cushing was the youngest of 10 children, 7 of whom survived to maturity.
On Cushing, we make that happen," Cieslukowski said.
As of September 30, 2016, Cushing had approximately USD3.
I grew up wanting to be (like) one of the guys who helped me (at the Cushing Academy summer hockey camps).
The Cushing Marketlink Project is expected to commence providing service in early 2013.
In 1926, in collaboration with the physicist Dr WT Bovie, Cushing introduced a cutting and coagulating electrocautery to deal with the blood vessels coursing over highly vascular brain tumours.
Monday afternoon at the Rose Bowl, Cushing did that job and more.
Cushing lost control of the minibus a few hundred yards from her home.
DeAngelo suggested that Cushing go to an upcoming lecture by the late Jesuit Fr.
Victim Dominic Elliott had agreed to let Peter Cushing stay the night when he arrived unexpected at his Tyneside home.
Drug addict Robert Cushing, 26, of Bargoed, Gwent, was trying to escape after being spotted burgling council offices.
Ansett Australia has stated that it may increase domestic airfares by the end of 2000 due to increasing fuel prices according to Air New Zealand chairman Sir Selwyn Cushing.
NEW YORK--Tom Cushing, former president of Centrum Corp.