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genus of twining leafless parasitic herbs lacking chlorophyll: dodder

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Transfer of phloem-mobile substances from the host plants to the holoparasite Cuscuta sp.
The herb Cuscuta reflexa has been shown to be useful externally for relief of menopausal itching and internally for treatment of fevers (Pal 2006).
a) A combination of Nepeta cataria and Cuscuta reflexa infusion provided significant improvement for postmenopausal symptoms.
To determine whether gene transfer takes place in the opposite direction--from parasite to host--Palmer's team compared several genes from different species of the common weed genus Plantago with those in parasitic flower species of the Bartsia and Cuscuta genera.
Anjum and Khan [2] study the antimicrobial activity of crude extracts of Cuscuta reflexa against Gram +, Gram-and fungal strains.
Species of Cuscuta did not parasitize all of their potential host plants equally.
Twenty three Bangladeshi medicinal plants (Abroma augusta, Acanthus ilicifolius, Alstonia scholaris, Calotropis procera, Catharanthus roseus, Citrus grandis, Coccinia grandis, Croton tiglium, Cuscuta reflexa, Excoecaria agallocha, Heritiera fomes, Ipomoea aquatica, Lagerstroemia speciosa, Madhuca indica, Musa sapientum, Nypa fruticans, Piper peepuloides, Premna esculenta, Saraca asoca, Sonneratia apetala, Stevia rebaudiana, Syzygium fruticosum, and Trichosanthes dioica) were collected from various regions of Bangladesh following accounts of their medicinal uses (Ghani, A.
subgenus Cuscuta [Pazy & Plitmann, 1994; Guerra & Garcia, 2004], Drosera L.
On the other hand, the Kavirajes of Rampal used the plants Andrographis paniculata, Eclipta alba, Cuscuta reflexa, and Tamarindus indica for treatment of indigestion.
Herbaceous plants found in the meadow were Agrimonia parviflora, Amphicarpaea bracteata, Asclepias incarnata, Boehmeria cylindrica, Cardamine bulbosa, Cuscuta gronovii, Eupatorium perfoliatum, Impatiens spp.
Effects of combinations of heavy metal pollutants on Cuscuta reflexa.