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Synonyms for curvilinear

deviating from a straight line

Synonyms for curvilinear

characterized by or following a curved line


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b) Irrespective of anything given above, we may assume that the space is described by a system of curvilinear coordinates, [q.
For a general curved hexahedral subdomain, a curvilinear coordinate transformation in terms of the Lagrange polynomials [22, 26] can be employed,
in a domain designated by the curvilinear coordinates in which the range of [xi] is determined by the constants [a.
Sokolnikoff (4) developed a virtual work expression in general curvilinear coordinates.
Fusco, "FDTD Algorithm in Curvilinear Coordinates," IEEE Transactions Antennas Propagation, Vol.
To achieve this, the text's discussion of geometry and curvilinear coordinates is far more detailed than is normally found in textbooks at this level.
Techniques for integration in curvilinear coordinates described by Narasimhan (8) were employed.
Appendix 2A Strain-Displacement Relations in Orthogonal Curvilinear Coordinates.