general relativity

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a generalization of special relativity to include gravity (based on the principle of equivalence)

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The core ideas profiled address topics in evolution and the emergence of complexity, DNA and genetics, energy, entropy, the atomic structure of matter, symmetry, quantum theory, curved space-time, the expanding universe, and mathematics.
A new paper released by Professor Skenderis and Dr Marco Caldarelli from the University of Southampton, Dr Joan Camps from the University of Cambridge and Dr Blaise Gouteraux from the Nordic Institute for Theoretical Physics, Sweden published in the Rapid Communication section of Physical Review D, makes connections between negatively curved space-time and flat space-time.
In such a universe, certain idealized machines, such as one made of balls attached to long, adjustable struts, can propel themselves through curved space-time by shifting the relative positions of their parts, suggests Jack Wisdom of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the March 21 Science.
However, because an orbiting gyroscope would be moving through curved space-time around the Earth, Einstein's theory predicts the gyroscope should precess, or tilt, slightly as it spins.
The spin of neutron stars is perhaps the best observable that carries a large amount of information on the behaviour of matter in curved space-times and at ultra-high densities.