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United States industrialist and aviation pioneer (1878-1930)

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Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome Air Shows President, Hugh Schoelzel said "The special 2 PM air show will display a replica of the 1911 Curtiss "D" Pusher.
Curtiss had tried those same techniques, to no avail.
Photo: (color) John Mosley, left, and student musicians Jus tin Medeiros, 15, Tracy Still, 15, and Curtiss Lopez, 16, will head for Germany on Tuesday.
The legendary Curtiss Mansion, damaged by multiple fires, has taken thirteen years of perseverance and a true community effort to rebuild to its original grandeur.
A native Californian, Curtiss earned an MBA at UCLA and a BA in journalism at USC, where he taught writing and investigative reporting as a senior lecturer.
Curtiss enjoys financial planning because it gives her a chance to "touch people's lives.
Poor weather delayed the attempt until 18 January, by which time Curtiss and Ellyson had left to get the North Island operation going.
Having decided to concentrate his efforts on waterborne aircraft, Curtiss produced an admirable series of flying-machines that helped get the Navy into the air.
Among the heroes are Eugene Ely, a Curtiss test pilot, who made the first-ever takeoff from, and landing on, an anchored Navy ship in 1910.
THE man killed on Monday when a tree fell on to his vehicle in Warwickshire has been identified as father-of-two Neil Curtiss.
Mr Curtiss lived in Lapworth with his wife and two teenage children.
Back in 1995, Omaha's Archbishop Curtiss wrote an article in his diocesan newspaper in which he made a startling assertion based, he said, on his experience as a seminary rector and diocesan vocations director.
QUARTZ HILL - Teaching special education kindergartners is demanding physically, emotionally and mentally, but teacher Elizabeth Curtiss volunteered to take it on this year at Quartz Hill Elementary.
So went a recent headline in Our Sun day Visitor over an article by Archbishop Elden Curtiss of Omaha, Neb.
THE man killed when a tree fell on to his car has been identified as father-of-two Neil Curtiss.