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English botanical writer and publisher (1746-1799)

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And Tony Curtis was there in the historical melodramas of my youth.
Curtis Lumber said it thought that if its customers liked the SmartSide products, they would continue to order more LP products, increasing sales for both Curtis Lumber and LP.
Curtis tried to flee but collapsed on Williams' front porch.
Improving math skills: Curtis credits the data-management system for helping the district address a recent drop in third-grade math performance on state assessments.
The announcement concludes an international search, conducted by a 12-member committee led by the chairman of the Curtis Board of Trustees, Richard A.
This limited-edition box also acts as an ideal tribute to Curtis, who was murdered outside his Harlem apartment just months after the gig.
According to Curtis, Blenkinsopp "had this idea of building these filter boxes and then treating the sonics of the album in a different light, treating it in groups.
But Curtis, who got his pilot's license in 1989, would have headed for Moscow on a day's notice, too, when a client mentioned the MiG opportunity, had the trip not required months of paperwork and medical exams.
Ultimately, scientists aim to find ways of boosting the brain's own repair processes to counter Huntington's and related diseases, says Curtis.
Still, Curtis has come a long way since his days with CONTRABAND, whose style was more characterized by energetic robustness than by fallen's elegance and restraint.
Mining both public archives and the documentary holdings of religious orders which granted access, Curtis has written an important regional study that never loses sight of the national picture.
The president and director, Gary Graffman of New York, began his piano studies at Curtis at age seven.
Eventually Curtis passed Mr Pennant a plain white envelope containing pounds 700 in cash - a bung which Curtis described in his own words was to "oil the greasy wheels".
Wedding number five:Entertainer Tony Curtis, aged 73, answers questions from the media while posing with his new bride Jill Vandenberg, aged 28, at a reception following the couple's wedding at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.