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an appearance by actors or performers at the end of the concert or play in order to acknowledge the applause of the audience


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19) Indeed, Kelli McCluskey, one of pvi's artistic directors, says it is the collective's policy not to have curtain calls.
The reception was more gratifying than six curtain calls at Carnegie Hall,'' Wheeler said.
Finally, to the music's last notes, the shadow took a bow, which the real dancer did only in the curtain calls.
Spiky Nevasayneva also danced her signature role, The Dying Swan, hysterically milking the pathos and the curtain calls, topping the most histrionic of Russian divas
The curtain calls after her last performance showed an audience not ready to let Jaffe go.
Opening night, Parise recalls, was a huge success, with the audience screaming through at least a dozen curtain calls.
When, after several curtain calls, Alonso took her place among her company, the house rose in a roaring ovation.
Same day, then repeated Tuesday afternoon, Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS held its Easter Bonnet Competition at the Palace Theatre for the 10th year, following six weeks in which almost every Broadway and off-Broadway show in town makes special pitches during their curtain calls, encouraging audience members to contribute money to the BC/EFA cause.
They were all deserving of the acclaim they received at the curtain calls.
After numerous curtain calls for the cast, the man with hoe slowly rakes the rice into an infinite spiral, This fifteen-minute epilog, titled "Finale or the Beginning," holds us rapt.
14 Stage manager's station Where the stage manager gives cues for the running of the program and the curtain calls
At the end of the evening, the curtain calls continued for more than half an hour.
In the role of Prince Florimund, the prince charming of the de Cuevas International Ballet's production of The Sleeping Beauty, he evoked twenty-eight curtain calls in an extraordinary ovation at the Theatre des Champs-Elysees.
It became apparent that the curtain was not going to rise, that there would be no curtain calls, and still the audience applauded.
Quintessential Balanchine ballerina Tanaquil LeClercq is to be honored and all former and current company members are invited to take part in a series of curtain calls.