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Synonyms for curry

(East Indian cookery) a pungent dish of vegetables or meats flavored with curry powder and usually eaten with rice

season with a mixture of spices

treat by incorporating fat

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I think we should keep doing it,,,maybe not always eating curried goats though - just sometimes.
Inside the truck stands Ronnie Sparks, happy to serve up one of his generous $6 lunch specials: oxtail, curried goat or curried chicken, accompanied by a side of steamed cabbage and Jamaican rice and peas (which is actually, I learn, rice and beans).
He had some curried goat and maybe that was why he was fuelled up today.
Curried goat, goat stew, goat chops, goat tenderloin, barbecued cabrito, mshikaki, chivo picante, kaldaretta, and spicy leg of goat, to name a few.
She played up her Caribbean heritage with curried goat and yam salad, but had guests moaning about her home's decor and the lack of "party atmosphere", as if that was a design flaw of the house rather than their dismal personalities.
The taste of spicy smoky ' jerk' and curried goat are enough to get me back to the island.
Jamaica: The traditional Christmas is rice, gungo peas, chicken, ox tail and curried goat.
But my iron gut was ready to try curried goat, an $11.
Although Jamaicans are fond of this festive curried goat dish, the animal is incorporated into few other recipes.
The traditional menu consisted of curried goat and rice and peas for Christmas dinner.
The Presidential wannabe is partial to curried goat.
Heart of India cooks a creamy yogurt-based curried goat item called mutton korma ($10.
404-658-9829), which attracts a business crowd for power lunches and dinners of curried goat, brown-stewed red snapper, sorrel and other tropical specialties.
plantanos and curried goat and collard greens and fried chicken at the Tropical Oasis near Lake Michigan
Mango Caribbean Restaurant & Bar will feature a variety of authentic Caribbean dishes, including BBQ shrimp blanketed on mango salsa, curried goat, garlic chicken sided with fried plantain and jerked-chicken with red beans and rice cooked in coconut milk.