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that part of the balance of payments recording a nation's exports and imports of goods and services and transfer payments

a bank account against which the depositor can draw checks that are payable on demand

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Citing to economic experts, media reports said current account deficit during the current financial year can dip as compared to last fiscal year.
Last year, the current account deficit rose because of the petroleum account [oil imports greater than exports], which took $17 billion out of the balance of trade.
Missing the trade deficit target by a wide margin will increase the current account deficit - the gap between external receipts and payments.
For 2013 as a whole, the current account deficit stood at 4.
Current account deficit for 2013-14 projected at $45 billion
Finance minister P Chidambaram has declared that the Congress-led UPA government would not hesitate to take certain tough decisions in order to contain the fiscal and current account deficits.
Worries over financing the current account deficit have escalated as there has been net selling of more than $ 2.
But he warned fallout from the euro zone crisis was hitting investment in Asia's third-largest economy even as attracting more foreign funds has become an urgent priority for the government to fund a bloated current account deficit.
The current account deficit in February was $260 million, compared with a deficit of $98 million in February 2011.
January 20 2012 (TUR) -- Expectation for Turkey's year-end current account deficit dropped to 62.
Normally, a country's current account deficit (trade deficit minus transfers from other countries) is financed with foreign private capital.
Egypt's current account deficit widened in the July-Sept quarter as imports grew faster than exports and payments to overseas investors increased, the central bank said on Tuesday.
Bulgaria's current account deficit stood at EUR 176,8 M in November, narrowing from EUR 861 M over the previous year, according to data of the central bank.
current account deficit grew from over 4 percent of GDP in early 2002 to 6V2 percent of GDP in late 2005.
current account deficit in the third quarter totaled a lower-than-expected $178.