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that part of the balance of payments recording a nation's exports and imports of goods and services and transfer payments

a bank account against which the depositor can draw checks that are payable on demand

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In particular, an important lesson from this line of research is that the scale and composition of international balance sheets may influence the measurement of the current account balance, even in scenarios in which there has been no meaningful shift in underlying cross-border obligations.
On external current account balances, Moody's sees Oman as the most vulnerable, expecting a sizeable current account deficit in 2015.
Given the information from the first exercise, model is extended to allow the inclusion of oil prices to achieve two objectives; (a) to examine the effect of oil prices on the effectiveness of exchange rate to improve current account balance, and (b) to examine the simultaneous response of both current account and exchange rate to changes in oil prices.
Central bank's current account balance and overall balance of payments have maintained positive trend as export earnings and inflow of remittances continued to grow though at a moderated pace, the BB official said.
As we show below, the current account balance and the government budget balance in the United States both follow break stationary processes.
Cuba's current account balance of payments was US$240 million in deficit in 2006, vs, a surplus of US$140 million in 2005, and foreign debt rose by US$2 billion to around US$16 billion, the government said.
According to NBAD's third quarter Economic Quarterly, the UAE's current account balance will touch $28.
This view holds that a country's current account balance is determined by the relationship between discretionary monetary policy, fiscal budgets, and net domestic savings relative to international investment alternatives.
The current account balance, a measure of money flowing in and out of a country, jumped to a surplus of 6.
Taking a long-term view, what is happening to the exchange rate is consistent and appropriate with the trade and current account balance.
A taxpayer can compute the distribution every year based on the current account balance and life expectancy.
It was the first time in four half-year periods for the black ink in the current account balance to show an increase.
Employees can also call an 800 number to ask for a current account balance.
The current account balance was buoyed somewhat last year by a temporary $6 billion reduction in net unilateral transfers to foreigners.
The comparison of a current account balance or item with the prior year balance or with a trend in two or more prior periods' balances.