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a bank account against which the depositor can draw checks that are payable on demand

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The principles have wider implications for similar types of charges laid out in the terms in other agreements including those for mortgages, current bank accounts and store cards.
Other big advantages of flexible mortgages are that the interest is usually calculated either daily or monthly, and also some lenders will let you use your mortgage as a current bank account so, if you've made extra payments but then for some reason need the money back, you can just write yourself a cheque.
pounds 10 per month saved on current bank account charges.
First, people who already have a versatile current bank account will be able to continue using this facility for pensions and benefits paid by ACT.
CATHERINE Johns, pictured, has a current bank account, four credit cards and no savings.
The survey on financial and social exclusion by the European Commission showed 41 per cent of Irish adults have no transaction or current bank account and 51 per cent do not have any access to revolving credit.
CATHERINE Johns has a current bank account, four credit cards and no savings.
will enable Centura customers to automatically download their current bank account information, pay bills and transfer money electronically on their home computer using Quicken.
Adam says saving money can be as simple as "getting a better mortgage deal, moving your money from one current bank account to another and checking your tax code.
And the flexible mortgage is now being developed further by go-ahead companies like Virgin Direct, which recently launched a telephone-based flexible mortgage called One, which incorporates features of a current bank account.
The savings instruments being used the most by residents of the GCC were simple current bank accounts or bank savings accounts, according to the index findings.
In addition, cash flow is improved as funds are deposited into current bank accounts within days of payment authorization and users gain better visibility into the total customer experience.
The response I've received explains that the account was introduced as a stepping-stone for those who did not feel that they were yet ready to open a high street bank account and does not offer the same flexibility as basic or current bank accounts.
A listing of current bank accounts formerly controlled by the Palestinian Commercial Services Company (PCSC).
In particular, we are talking to major financial institutions about providing basic banking services which the estimated two million or more benefit claimants who do not have current bank accounts can access at post offices.