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Synonyms for speculation

Synonyms for speculation

a judgment, estimate, or opinion arrived at by guessing

abstract reasoning

a venture depending on chance

Synonyms for speculation

a message expressing an opinion based on incomplete evidence

a hypothesis that has been formed by speculating or conjecturing (usually with little hard evidence)

an investment that is very risky but could yield great profits

continuous and profound contemplation or musing on a subject or series of subjects of a deep or abstruse nature

References in classic literature ?
This is certain, that some time before, he had used some poor pagan merchants in that manner, and had caused the executioner to begin to flay them, when some Brahmin, touched with compassion, generously contributed the sum demanded for their ransom.
On the other hand, Mazarin, present at that audience, heard very well what those deputies demanded.
When night arrived, he demanded if all the skins had been brought in.
Though too shy to answer the advertisements which demanded a personal application, he replied to those which asked for letters; but he had no experience to state and no recommendations: he was conscious that neither his German nor his French was commercial; he was ignorant of the terms used in business; he knew neither shorthand nor typewriting.
He did not think it necessary to tell Roquat that the Growleywogs demanded twenty thousand slaves.
Here is the person you demanded," said one of the guards, "and our Queen now begs you will go away, as you promised, and leave us in peace.
At the steamer's side the man demanded his pay and, without waiting to count out the exact amount, the woman thrust a handful of bank-notes into his outstretched hand.
he demanded defiantly, as they went down the hill field.
When the banks demanded that he pay his loans, he knew that the banks were in sore need of the money.
demanded he of himself, disgusted with the attitude of the family.
For this purpose he assumed the character of a man and visited in this disguise a Sculptor's studio having looked at various statues, he demanded the price of two figures of Jupiter and Juno.
He promptly sent for the Adversary of Souls and demanded his freedom, explaining that he was entirely orthodox, and had always led a pious and holy life.
Yes, for over two hundred years no man crossed 30d to 175d and lived to tell his story--not until chance drew me across and back again, and public opinion, revolting at last against the drastic regulations of our long-dead forbears, demanded that my story be given to the world, and that the narrow interdict which commanded peace, prosperity, and happiness to halt at 30d and 175d be removed forever.
Harrison heard the order and understood what was demanded of him, but hesitated.
However, now that the glove had been thrown down to him, he had boldly picked it up and demanded the appointment of a special commission to investigate and verify the working of the Board of Irrigation of the lands in the Zaraisky province.