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the charge for exchanging currency of one country for currency of another

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To be part of this, we have come up with the currency converter IVR solution.
Regardless of whether the Service chooses to direct taxpayers to a specific currency converter, or creates its own exchange as the benchmark for reported bitcoin values, either option would likely help the Service in encouraging taxpayers to report their bitcoin transactions and lay the foundation for more effective and efficient taxation of bitcoin transactions.
It also has a handy currency converter and translation tool, as well as providing contact information for travellers in need of emergency assistance - be it police, ambulance or a lost credit card.
There are also travel alerts, maps and a currency converter.
Features of the software include Value-Added Tax (VAT) Tracking and the ExpenseAnywhere currency converter.
Functions include balances, recent transactions, transfers, interest rate and payment calculators and branch and ATM locators, as well as a currency converter targeted for military personnel to use while stationed overseas.
Other highlights include a site-wide currency converter that automatically selects the currency to display based on IP location, social media integration with "Like" and "Tweet" buttons for each property, as well as Digg This and Delicious bookmarking services, and RSS feeds so users can keep up-to-date with the latest properties as soon as they are added to the website.
The NAB application, which was first launched in May 2010, offers Internet banking, a store and ATM locator and currency converter solutions.
Fossil has some great life-saving applications here including Dictionary, Currency converter, Flashlight as well as Plumb Bob, Level and a handful of other self-explanatory utility gizmos such as Metronome, Pitch Pipe, Pet Age and Loan Calculator.
With the help of currency converter specialists, St Mary's Hospice will be able to put the coins to much use.
Information on hotels, bed and breakfast establishments, transport services, currency converter and weather updates besides detailed information on the city's heritage, will be available at the click of a mouse.
Additional features are hands-free voice navigation and a high-resolution touchscreen, a responsive virtual keyboard for each of the included languages, an MP3 player, language learning games, a metric converter, a world clock, a talking calculator, and a currency converter.
The app provides news, global market data and a currency converter.
With the introduction of Amazon Currency Converter, we're making it significantly easier for our customers - regardless of where they live - to purchase from Amazon.
The PPP is a currency converter which aims at adjusting for different price levels in the countries.